Episode 12 – Your next spend and van names

Presenters: Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

Record Date:   10/06/2019

Episode 12 Your next spend and van names

Welcome to The Camping Crew podcast with Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

This is meant to be a fun podcast, we are just enthusiasts and what we discuss on the podcast are just our own personal views.

Follow-ups & shout-outs:

  1. We received an email from James a week or so ago saying, “Love the camp site reviews, have 2 kids myself and interested in the recommendations
  2. Good feedback from Hilton and JJF at the MotorhomeCraic.com forum


  1. Clamping in Bundoran
  2. Brittany Ferries cancels Pont Aven sailings until June 14th. For the latest news visit https://www.brittanyferries.ie/pont-aven-latest-news

Campsites or stop overs:

  • Camping at festivals
  • Lough Arrow Camping Park Sligo

Tips, Products, #CampingHacks

  • @JenHen99 sent us some camping hacks via twitter
  • @PaudieOGrady also send on a Camping Hack via Twitter 
  • To carry salt & spices use old tic tac containers.
  • To help start BBQs a listener emailed Charlie & Me with this … Dip cotton swabs in wax for a quick fire starter.

Camp life:

  • What is your spend priority? Is Solar important to you?
  • Do you name your Motorhome? What is yours called?
  • Don’t forget to check the batteries in your smoke alarm and your carbon monoxide alarm.

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