Episode 15 – First time buyers and not Wild Camping

Presenters: Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

Record Date:   08/07/2019

Episode 15 First time buyers and not Wild Camping

Welcome to The Camping Crew podcast with Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

This is meant to be a fun podcast, we are just enthusiasts and what we discuss on the podcast are just our own personal views.

Follow-ups & shout-outs:

Boards.ie: message in from Itineoman – It really feels like listening to a live radio programme. Love the range of topics covered and interviews. Very informative and accessible. Look forward to the next podcasts. Well Done and keep ’em coming.

In follow up to our recent chat about where to get camping accessories in Ireland Barry from Waterford was in touch via email to say that he was enjoying the podcasts.

Thanks to Sprinter for the message on the MotorhomeCraic website and for his suggestions about alarms and also this first aid kit tips

Campsites or stop overs:

Aaron tells us about his recent visit to Lough Ennell Co West Meath

Tips, Campinghacks, Products, Camping Websites or Apps:

Thanks for the Email from Gavin (Gavster on the Motorhome Craic forum) with his visibility suggestions for left hand drive motorhomes. Do you have any other visibility tips for left hand drive Motorhomes?

Camp life:

Wild Camping: From Ally of the MotorHomeCraic.com forum: We talk about how to drop the term “Wild Camping” and what to replace it with..

This got us talking about how some campers don’t like to park in campsites. We ask the listeners to give us their reasons for deciding not to overnight in campsites.

Advice for first time buyers:

Brian Dowling got in touch by email looking for advice for first time buyers. He is in the market for his first camper and is looking for a well looked after van.

We have a chat with Aoife of Cara Motorhomes with tips for first time buyers.

Paudie ( a regular contributor) on Twitter gave us this advice:

Be patient, take your time, and do not compromise on the exact layout you need. Panic buy with the wrong layout and you’ll continually regret it.

Our advice

  • Look at motorhome specific clubs, club members look after their mh. Not after quick sale
  • Check with local campsite owners
  • Always get it checked out mechanically and get a habitation and gas check and a damp scheme

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