Episode 44 – Habitation checks, windows vacs & full-timers

Presenters: Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

Record Date:   28/01/2020

Episode 44 – Habitation checks, windows vacs & full-timers

Welcome to The Camping Crew podcast with Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

This is meant to be a fun podcast, we are just enthusiasts and what we discuss on the podcast are just our own personal views.


New ferry operator to run sailings from Rosslare to destinations in Europe

Irelands newest bridge open Bypassing New Ross from Waterford/Kilkenny to Wexford Road. This will cut travel time by 15 to 25 mins in the South East

Campsites or stop overs:

Aaron tells us about his recent camping trip to Portumna Aire in Co. Galway


Make sure to fully unwind your electric cable when using it. Someone from the Motorhome Happiness Facebook Group put up a photo recently of a badly burned cable.


Remove condensation from your windscreens using a Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner

Camp life:

In the last podcast we spoke about getting a Habitation check. This week we thought  that we might go into this in a little more detail. So what exactly does a habitation check check for?

Have you ever considered living in your motorhome or campervan full time in Ireland?

If you are a full timer already get in touch we’d like to chat

We will be interviewing a Register Gas professional in a few weeks time. Do have any specific questions that your like us to ask him?

If you would like a sticker for your motorhome or Campervan just send us your address and we will pop it in the post to you.

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