Episode 81 – Winter storage, show your metal?

Presenters: Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne & Ross

Record Date:   14/10/2020

Episode 81 – Winter storage, show your metal?

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More than €174,000 confirmed for projects in Kilkenny towns and villages including Motorhome bays to facilitate  staycations

Follow-ups & shout-outs:

We have a winter storage question from Gravelista on Instagram

Liamk was on campsitereview.com where there’s a topic open about sunnier climes

Campsites or stop overs:

Our UK audience is growing. Request for UK campsite reviews from our Irish and UK audience.

Tony reviewed Portrane Lynders via campsitereview.com

Where will Charlie and Me be this week? This week is the last of our Staycation 2020 vlogs and its Lakeside Holiday Park Co Clare

Tips & Camping hacks:

Purchasing and using an aquaroll for your Motorhome to empty grey water without having to drive to the service bay.  Is this a good idea?


Tony And Trish sent us a Star app recommendation

POP Design The Hot Seat, USB Heated Portable Chair

Things to do while camping:

We learn a bit about Metal detecting (with the help of Ross)


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