Episode 134 – Heated Cleaning Tips

Presenters: Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

Record Date:   01/12/2021

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Darren sent us the following story by email from the Connaught Telegraph: Campervan strategy is needed for County Mayo.

A potential campervan parking site in Monaghan was discussed at this month’s Municipal District meeting | NorthernSound

‘Constructive feedback’ from Donegal caravan and motorhome users – Highland Radio

Listener messages & follow ups:

David got in touch with us regarding our recent conversation about eu data roaming

What’s on Charlie and Me this week? 

Last Fridays video: Charlie & Me stop off at Desert Farm Clonakilty on the last stop of our Winter Trilogy

Charlie & Me have a video going live around now showing you the Dynasty Gas Fire we are about to review. & Fridays Video is a Van Build project2 OVERLANDER video on the fitting of the roof rails & cross bars (all doesn’t go to plan)


Dynasty Gas Heater from CampingStuff.ie

Tips & Camping hacks:

Cleaning tip for your motorhome while out an about

Things to do while not camping:

If your motrohome or caravan is parked up don’t forget to keep it aired out and dry

Camp life:

Unforeseen Side effect of having a motorhome covertop