Episode 169 – Winter Jobs Open Blinds

Presenters: Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

Record Date:   07/12/2022

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Wishing Johnny from Pamela and Johnny’s Motorhome Journeys on YouTube a speedy recovery

Online Chatter:

Van life/Bugging out — Interesting conversation over on Boards.ie

Listener messages, follow ups & shout-outs:

Peter wrote in by email with a question about what jobs to do in the Motorhome over winter. He got an old camper at the end of the summer and wants to ensure it is maintained.

What’s on Charlie and Me this week? 

This Friday is all about what to do to get your pet ready for Mainland Europe.

During December we will have the Meet The Campers in full as a 2 part & then the outtakes from 2022

Products, Gadgets, Tips & Camping hacks:

Interesting question here – Pauper’s Car Van Stealth Camper — again on boards.ie

We share a tip for securing items in a fridge


Mike F sent us a word of warning by email. Watch out for scammers.

Camp life:

Anyone out camping in the cold this weekend?

When your camper is stored away long term for the winter do you keep your blinds and curtains closed?