Episode 173 – Towed Valley

Presenters: Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

Record Date:   01/03/2023

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Calls for dedicated campervan area in Kilmacthomas

Congratulations to George and Roseline Drew of Glen of Aherlow Caravan Park for being awarded runner up in the best small campsite award by the Caravan & Camping Club

Vanhalla shared a news story yesterday: Plans for motorhome, caravan park in Dunfanaghy

Listener messages, follow ups & shout-outs:

Ian C asked for advise about Aarons Max air fan when in the French heat

Caroline asked about Nore Valley campsite

What’s on Charlie and Me this week? 

This Friday at 9am we will have a campsite review video from Travers in Co Donegal

Let me know if there’s a site we haven’t been to that you would like us to visit & review

The build update

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Camp life:

Saw this question recently on a UK motorhome forum: Why do people tow cars behind motorhomes, rather than have a caravan? Aaron discuss please…