Episode 179 – Motorhome holiday in Australia

Presenters: Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

Record Date:   24/05/2023

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Escape for a few days away in June – Top things to do – Camping Ireland https://www.campingireland.ie/escape-for-a-few-days-away-in-june-top-things-to-do/

Listener messages, follow ups & shout-outs:

Baz sent us an email with a request for stickers

Follow up to our chat about C1 and weights, Additional advice  and corrections given at motorhomeparkinglocations.com in a forum titled “The C1 — is it worth it?”

Campsites or stop overs:

Bill & Carol left a review on campsitereview.com regarding Meath Eco Park

What’s on Charlie and Me this week?  Today’s Build video was another bits & pieces no campsite review video this Friday they will be back soon as we head off over the next 3 weeks to Clare, Galway, Conamara, Mayo & Athlone


June and Adrian hired a Motorhome in Australia for 6 weeks. Chris has a chat with them about it.

Products, Gadgets, Tips & Camping hacks:

Tips for first timers to France, thanks to Stephen from Reece the Relay on Instagram for the topic suggestions