Episode 9 – A teenage view and other stuff

Presenters: Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne

Record Date:   22/05/2019

Episode 9 A teenage view and other stuff

Welcome to The Camping Crew podcast with Aaron Burchael & Chris Byrne
This is meant to be a fun podcast, we are just enthusiasts and what we discuss on the podcast are just our own personal views.

Camping news or hot topics:

  1. One Donegal councillor is pushing for extra camper van sites along the Wild Atlantic Way.
  2. Great list of suggestions from Jamie in Strand camping in Doogbeg. We will cover the suggestions over the next few podcasts.
  3. Following on our discussion Are You In A Club ? We have an interview with Jon from Motorhomecraic.com & the Motorhome Craic Club

Campsites or stop overs:

We revisit Nore Valley Campsite (from episode three) as we were both there together recently https://www.norevalleypark.com

Tips, Products, Camping Websites or Apps:

Aaron tells us about what is covered during a Habitation Check. We will be speaking about the new gas regulations and will have an interview with a RGII member in a future podcast.

Chris tells us about his Fiamma Bicycle cover and Aaron speaks about his Camping Trailer for Charlie the Chocolate Brown Cocker Spaniel.

Camp life:

  • We have an follow up interview with a teenager (Lilly from our Camping Crew) and asked the same questions as we asked Hannah & Martha (the juniors) from the last episode.
  • What’s your goto online and in store place for camping accessories? We are collecting suggestions from listeners for a list to be broadcast in a future episode. Preferably Irish sites please.
  • Did you see the conversation on tmi about pooping in your Moho. It had us in in stitches. We discuss (Sorry to those who were eating while listening).

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